Business of

GF Mille Co.,Ltd.


Generation of new RNA medicine candidates based on the chemically modified and IP-protected nucleotides.

GF Mille (GFM) has been collaborating with many leading laboratories in Japan and in the world, gathering valuable information, performing solid experiments and acquiring essential proprietaries necessary for drug development. In particular, GFM cooperate with Solstar Pharmaceuticals in various aspects of life science and human health, and the team Solstar/GFM is looking forward to begin a clinical study with large pharmaceutical company with their research outcomes.


BUSINESSWe design novel RNA medicines and synthesize various derivatives by using chemically modified nucleotides.

We have designed and synthesized several siRNA molecules which showed promising anti-Covid-19 and/or anti-cancer activities.

The primary business of GFM is the discovery and development of innovative RNA therapeutics in collaboration with Solstar Pharma in Canada and leading laboratories in the world to share the technology and intellectual property of nucleotide chemistry developed at Gifu University.


BUSINESSProviding our technology to pharmaceutical companies

We cooperate with pharmaceutical companies to find the most suitable formulation and drug delivery.


BUSINESSCollaboration with special research agencies and academia

GFM gladly accepts the contract research from university laboratories and pharmaceutical companies.

President and CEO, Dr. Tokuhiro Chano, M.D.
Scientific Director, Dr. Maximiliano Arella, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor, Prof. Yoshihito Ueno, Ph.D.
Senior Advisor, Prof. Hiromune Ando, Ph.D.
Honorary advisor, Dr. Yasuhiro Furuichi, Ph.D.