Aiming at new RNA medicines

The genetic information of organisms is conserved in genomic DNA. DNA information is transcribed to RNA, and tens of thousands of proteins are synthetically translated from transcribed mRNA. DNA and RNA are called "nucleic acids," and studied as carriers of genetic information. Recently, nucleic acids like RNA have been used as new types of pharmaceuticals, with the progress of nucleic acid chemistry. Such RNA medicines are attracting attention as next-generation pharmaceuticals,following small molecular and antibody drugs.
GF Mille (GFM) is continuously challenging in the fields of cancer, virus and immunology, with the aim of inventing new RNA drugs by selecting RNAs with excellent sequences as pharmaceuticals and synthesizing artificial RNA with chemically modified nucleotides. For this reason, GFM conducts wide-ranging joint research with many research institutes in Japan and overseas, collects valuable information with intellectual property and cooperates with collaborating companies in the United States and Canada. GFM and our allies will continuously perform drug developments and organize clinical researches,discussing with major pharmaceutical companies.

siRNA drug designed by GF Mille

Artificial Nucleic Acids synthesized by GF Mille