Generating nucleic acid medicines to overcome various medical problems, utilising artificially modified nucleic acids

GFM aims at discovering innovative RNA medicines in the field of oncology, virology and immunology based on the collaboration with leading scientists in Japan and the technology of nucleotide chemistry and proprietary rights fostered at the Gifu university. Recently, several short RNAs and oligonucleotides containing modified nucleotides have been shown to be an excellent resource for new drug candidates because they can enter into cells without the help of any DDS (drug-delivery system) and yet can catalyze gene silencing in a sequence-specific manner,resulting in therapeutic activity without adverse effect. GFM challenges the invention of unmet-need medicines using its caliber of RNA chemistry.

Short RNA or oligonucleotides containing modified nucleotides that can help enter cells without the help of a drug-delivery system. The candidates can catalyze gene silencing in a sequence-specific manner, enabling them to be effective and safe. GF Mille contributes to the medical unmet needs across therapeutic areas by applying its unique expertise in RNA chemistry.

Anti-cancer siRNA medicine, siRQ238

  • Exploratory therapeutic study for peritoneal ovary cancer